Provision #432: Reach For Enough

Laser Provision Work / Life Balance is a 360 affair. There are many variables to consider, all of which have to be kept in the air. This makes the project hard enough; it becomes impossible when we introduce extreme expectations into the mix. Without a clear idea of how much is enough when it comes […]

Provision #431: Design Your Environments

Laser Provision How hard is it for you to maintain Work / Life Balance? If the answer is, “Very hard!” then perhaps you have not enlisted the support of your environments. At their best, environments can make Work / Life Balance an effortless thing to accomplish and to maintain. At their worst, they can make […]

Provision #430: Choose Your Speed

Laser Provision Are you stuck in fast forward? Many of us find ourselves rushing from one thing to the next, from one day to the next. With so much happening, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and unsatisfied. Do you ever wonder if there is more to it? Perhaps it’s time to mix things up. Perhaps […]

Provision #429: Balance Your Energy

Laser Provision When it comes to Work / Life Balance there’s no more important exchange than the energy exchange. When too much energy goes out, without replenishment, we burn out. When too much stays put, without engagement, we rust out. Striking the perfect balance between effort and rest, stress and recovery, is the secret to […]

Provision #428: Balance “Yes” With “No”

Laser Provision There’s an ancient scripture that urges us to “Let our ‘Yes’ be yes and our ‘No’ be no, lest our language be used against us.” That’s important wisdom for anyone concerned about Work / Life Balance. Too often we fail to say what we mean and to mean what we say. Too often […]