Where We Live

In 2011, our family celebrated four weddings. First, my sister got married on January 1. Then, my daughter got married, on April 18. Next, my niece got married, on June 12. Finally, yesterday, on October first, my sister-in-law got married. Talk about a year filled with love! Life doesn’t get any better than this.

For their wedding on October 1, 2011, Maura and Dave wrote the following poem. As you read the poem, think about this question: Where do I choose to live?

Where We Live
by Maura & Dave Rawn

Have you ever watched a red tail hawk fade into the sunset
on a brisk winter’s eve?
Have you ever seen the blue of the sky reflect in the eyes of the one you’re with,
as you walk through the woods?
Have you ever watched a hummingbird feed on the scarlet fuchsia
as the sun breaks dawn?
Have you ever sensed a deer watching you
well before you have seen where it is?
Have you felt the brush of a bat as it feeds at dusk on the edge of the pond?
Have you cross-country skied across the snow covered landscape
marveling at the resilience and abundance of life?
Do you rush to the window each new day to watch the birds feed
and see the dew sparkle in your piece of paradise?
Have you planted a tree and watched it grow, transforming your view,
and your perspective, and your priorities with each New Year?

These are the spaces
Where We Live

If you’ve experienced children and grandchildren climbing trees
and growing like weeds
If you’ve journeyed and adventured with family and friends
around the block and around the world
If your siblings are not just your siblings but your best friends
If you’ve shared your darkest moments as well as your days in the sun
with those that you love
If you’ve watched your kids struggle and then share their elation
when they flourish and grow
If you’ve found fun and adventure with like-minded friends
If you’ve seen your family instantly expand through new marriages
and relationships, and rejoiced in, and embraced them all

Then you know it is within the love of family and friends
Where We Live

Have you considered that life is an amazing adventure?
Are you grateful each new day for the gift of life
and the abundance of its generosity?
Have you thought of the possibility that God always conspires on your behalf?
Have you pondered the idea that you are the Creator of your life, a co-creator with your God, Spirit, the Universe, through the choices of your thoughts,
intentions, relationships and actions?
Have you felt the desire to become fully aware, wholly awake
and completely conscious?
Have you taken a deep breath, stilled your mind and just listened?

If you slow for a moment, and live in the moment, then you know
Where We Live

In so short of time we’ve found the same path through the woods, together
In so short of time we’ve planted our trees and our gardens, together
In so short of time we’ve found fun, laughter, curiosity and creativity, together
In so short of time we’ve expanded our families and those that we love, together
In so short of time we’ve built our house and made our home, together
In so short of time we’ve deepened our understanding and relationship with Spirit, together
In so short of time we’ve come to feel like we’ve loved each other forever
In so short of time we’ve become one

Together, forever, is
Where We Live

Coaching Inquiries: Where do I live? What is my relationship with nature? With family and friends? With spirit? With relationship? Who can come with me on that journey? How can I be more at choice in making that journey more filled with love?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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