We’re Not Psychotherapists. We’re more like consultants than counselors. We don’t tend to focus on crises, wounds, or deep-seated issues. We focus on personal and professional growth. We focus on the future.

We’re Not Personal Trainers. We don’t meet clients at the gym in order to help them get in shape. We do, however, track plans made and progress achieved (which may include health and fitness).

We’re Not Spiritual Directors. Spiritual directors teach and promote spiritual disciplines in order to help people find God. Our coaches focus more on setting and reaching important life goals. There is no agenda other than assisting people to live fulfilled and successful lives.

We’re Not Companions. Our coaches are not friends or buddies. Good friends are important, but they’re not responsible for assisting people with the calculation and maintenance of their life trajectories. It’s best to have friends and a coach.

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