Wellness Pathway #283 Cultivate Good Dreams

The stories that generate inspired action can come from many sources. During our waking hours, we can remember and tell our own stories or we can listen to the positive stories of others. Doing so enables us to construct a better world than when we forget, ignore, or don’t want to hear such stories.

While we are asleep, we gain access to yet another source of great stories: our dreams. It’s no accident that adequate bed rest is prescribed whenever healing is called for. Indeed, the absence of adequate bed rest is often the cause our illnesses and injuries. That’s why I have written so often about the importance of getting a good night’s sleep for health and wellness.

Cultivating good dreams becomes possible only when we can sleep long and deep. Dreams just don’t kick in during a 20-minute nap. They need multiple 90-minute sleep cycles, one after another, in order to draw upon the recesses of our psychic energy. So the first step for cultivating good dreams is to get enough sleep. That’s the prerequisite.

Once this pattern is in place, the dreams will come. Whether we remember them or not, they will be there and they will have an impact on our lives. The trick, therefore, is to cultivate good dreams rather than bad. In the spirit of Appreciative Inquiry, here are six suggestions:

  • Set the stage. Make sure that your bedroom is dark, quiet, safe, and comfortable. It’s worth the investment.
  • Breathe before lying down. Just four deep breaths can make a difference. They can calm our mind and get us ready for sleep.
  • Appreciate your life. Call to mind and / or write down the best things about your day.
  • Surrender to the night. Recognize that sleep is an act of faith. Embrace the mystery of what might happen.
  • Invite positive dreams. “Give me good dreams” is a simple yet powerful invocation before falling asleep.
  • Record your dreams. Keep a dream journal nearby. When you remember a dream upon waking, write it down immediately. Don’t wait. Circle the positive ones.

These six simple steps can make a big difference in life. Having and remembering good dreams generates a lingering positive effect that will be noticeable both to the dreamer and to others. On so many levels, good dreams enhance the healing powers of sleep and the courageous living of life.

Coaching Inquiries: Do you get enough sleep to dream and dream well? Are your dreams more positive or negative? How could you get enough sleep and cultivate good dreams? What changes what you have to make to your bedroom or to your routine? Who could assist you in the process?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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