Wellness Pathway #244 Fat Talks Back

Following the dietary and exercise recommendations as reported here, in recent Wellness Pathways, I have lost about 20 pounds in the past two months and am now, again, approaching my optimal weight. My experience has been remarkable because the weight has come off so quickly while I have enjoyed delicious foods and abundant portions.

Lately, however, as my weight has gotten closer to optimal, I have become more aware of an internal coaching conversation that goes beyond the levels of thinking and feeling to the deeper level of being. As part of that conversation, I hear my fat talking back to me.

How does fat talk? Recent studies indicate that fat is an active organ for weight maintenance rather than a passive storage container for calories. It communicates through hormones, proteins, and other biodynamic compounds and it controls far more than scientists have heretofore realized.

If women lose too much weight, for example, their remaining fat sends out signals which stave off pregnancy. For most of us, weight loss becomes increasingly difficult as our fat cells, together with our stomach, change our body chemistry to make sure we start eating again.

This should come as no surprise, since weight loss asks our fat cells to shrink and, in some instances, to die. Are they willing to make that sacrifice? Not without a little coaxing and understanding along the way. It’s not in their nature to shrink and die. They want to go right on expanding and multiplying, and they usually get what they want by flooding our bodies with increasingly intense biochemical signals to eat again.

Early on, of course, even fat cells rejoice in their diminishment. If we are obese, there is literally no place left to put our fat. Our bodies end up like a cluttered garage or an overflowing closet, with stuff piled up everywhere. Fat cells can then invade our internal organs, marble our muscles, and even float around in our blood. Getting rid of such excess fat makes everyone happy.

But optimal weight can be difficult to achieve and maintain. As our weight goes down, fat cells gradually turn up the volume, hanging on for their very existence.

And that’s where the internal coaching conversation comes into play. By hearing, feeling, acknowledging, visualizing, recognizing, intuiting, and embracing what our fat cells have to say — by listening deeply and responding lovingly — we can tip the balance in favor of optimal wellness. We can reorient ourselves, including our fat cells, around health.

Coaching Inquiries: Do you have weight that you want to lose? What are your fat cells trying to tell you? Have they turned up the volume? How could you pay more attention? How could you coax them to decrease so that other parts of you can increase?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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