Wellness Pathway #240 The Flour-Fat Flash

Perhaps you saw the news report that Weight Watchers has released a new weight-loss program, called the Core Plan, that does not require participants to count points.

The original program allowed you to eat a wide variety of foods, with each food being assigned a serving size and a certain number of points. To lose weight, participants watched and tracked their points, staying below a certain level for the day.

The new program allows you to eat a smaller variety of foods, from lists of certain approved foods, without being so careful about serving size and points. This in response to the increasing number of diets that promise you can eat all you want on their plans and still lose weight.

Is this really possible? Yes and no. It’s impossible to eat unlimited amounts of any food and still lose weight. But it is possible to eat food that makes you want to stop, rather than to eat more. And the foods on the Core Plan lists, such as fruits, vegetables, and lean protein, are in that category.

Unfortunately, modern diets have evolved to include many foods that are not only bad for our health and wellness, they also make us want to eat and eat and eat. Of these, the most insidious combination is the flour-fat flash. Mix together flour and fat, or some kind of oil, throw in a little sugar and salt, and you have recipe for most breads, crackers, chips, cookies, cakes, donuts, and waffles. You also have the recipe for disaster.

Nothing makes blood sugar spike faster than the flour-fat combination. This combination generates a flash that is the nutritional equivalent to crack cocaine: it is highly addictive and ultimately deadly. It generates a vicious cycle of making us go back for more and more, even though our bodies don’t need more food.

So plans that minimize or eliminate the flour-fat combination, like the Weight Watchers’ Core Plan, the Paleo Diet, the Anti-Inflammation Diet, and the Volumetrics Diet, are moving in the right direction. By focusing more on the quality of the food we eat than on the quantity, they put us on the road to optimal body weight without as much will power or effort.

Coaching Inquiries: How often do you eat foods that combine flour and fat? Can you imagine giving them up? What would you miss most? Would the change be worth making if you were to reach your optimal body weight without having to focus on serving size and calories? What’s holding you back?

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