Wellness Pathway #239 Fat Facts

Everyone knows that being overweight or obese is bad for your health. New research is showing how it’s not just the excess fat itself which is bad for your health; it’s also the process of getting fat. Converting those extra calories into fat is tough on your body. Do that day after day, year after year, and it will inevitably take a severe toll on your body.

The August 23, 2004 issue of Newsweek magazine featured an excellent cover-story on how fat cells grow and undermine our health. Even though I am well-read in the field, I learned a lot from this article and came away with new understanding as well as inspiration for maintaining optimal body weight. Consider the following fat facts:

  • It takes a million fat cells to contain the calories in just one Life Savers candy.
  • The average person has 40 billion fats cells; a morbidly obese person can have 100 billion fat cells.
  • Fat cells multiply when we gain weight and are almost impossible to kill when we lose weight. They shrink in size but don’t disappear.
  • The body responds to excess calories as though they were viruses, with an inflammatory response, in order to store them as fat.
  • The body responds to excess fat with other cells (macrophages) which also provoke an inflammatory response of their own.
  • Fat cells receive their blood supply through tiny capillaries, raising blood pressure, while muscles cells are supplied by larger blood vessels.
  • Liposuction does not lower inflammation, blood pressure, or other chemical markers associated with obesity.

Perhaps that’s why LifeTrek so often works with our coaching clients around issues related to health and wellness. Even when the focus is primarily on career, relationships, communication, leadership, parenting, creativity, education, ministry, or some other facet of life, there’s no way to be at the top of our game if we are not taking care of our health and wellness.

Fortunately, it’s not impossible to lose weight and keep it off. The last two Wellness Pathways have featured effective diets which can be sustained over time. If you want to develop a new lifestyle, then today would be a good day to start.

Coaching Inquiries: Are you overweight or obese? How does that impact your life? Would you like to turn that around? What’s keeping you from learning more and getting on track?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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