Wellness Pathway #236 Lose Weight Forever

My sister was visiting recently and we got into a conversation on weight loss. “It’s just so hard to do,” she remarked, “I try, make some progress, and then fall back. Can you coach me to lose weight and keep it off?”

That, of course, is part of what I do for a living. But it only works for those people who are motivated and who make the necessary changes in their environments, habits, and systems. Finding that motivation and making those changes can take time, but in the presence of a coaching partner, all things are possible. Even for a brother and sister!

Recently, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania studied the use of Internet websites in weight loss. Their conclusion? Web dieting was no more effective, and in some instances was less effective, than other weight-loss programs. And none of the programs worked — surprise, surprise — unless the people were motivated and made changes in their environments, habits, and systems.

Here were the six strategies they suggested to lose weight forever:

  1. Track What You Eat. Studies show that people underestimate their food intake by 40 percent. Recording food, time of meals, and portion sizes all help you to control intake.
  2. Make Yourself Accountable. Telling people your plans, and reporting your progress, will significantly boost your chances for success. This can be done through live conversation, either in person or on the phone, as well as through virtual meetings.
  3. Count Calories. Educating yourself about the calorie-value of the food you eat is more important to weight control then worrying about carbs, protein, or fat. Measuring your food while serving is a great way to avoid putting too much on your plate or bowl.
  4. Plan Ahead. Knowing what you are going to eat a meal or two in advance seems to help reduce the impulse to eat whatever happens to be in sight.
  5. Find Healthy Foods You Love. No one can be on a diet all the time. Falling in love with healthy foods in healthy serving sizes is the best to avoid eating too much junk that produces weight gain.
  6. Hang In There. No one can lose much weight in a day. It is a long-term proposition. The key is to get started and to stay the course, with the help of supportive environments, habits, and systems.

Coaching Inquiries: Do you want to lose weight? How could you get started? Are there people who you could work with to be accountable? What changes would you have to make in your environments, habits, and systems?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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