Wellness Pathway #208 Take Regular Breaks

In response to a recent Wellness Pathway, one observant reader submitted the following question: “Since probably everyone reading your e-mail is sitting at their desk, and since in this age we have ever more time committed to being (sedentary) in front of our computers at work and at home, my question to you is how can we be more proactive about keeping our weight down and staying physically fit?”

My response to this reader included two suggestions. First, it’s important to take regular breaks from sitting at that computer. Five minutes every hour is a good pattern. Program your appointment calendar or handheld device to pop up a reminder or find some other way to do this routinely (not just when you happen to remember).

During your five minute break, stand up and walk around. Swing your arms and stretch your leg muscles. Flex your wrists to reduce the possibility of suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. If you can take off your shoes, do so and massage your feet. You may even want to lie down, briefly, for a refreshing change of pace. I know people who keep a yoga sticky mat in their office or cubicle for just this purpose.

Second, it’s important to exercise regularly pursuing activities and following a schedule that you find enjoyable. Many a New Year’s resolution has been undone by weariness and inconvenience. Instead, imagine the perfect activity and time that fits with who you are and what you love to do. Once you find a satisfying routine, it will becomes much easier to keep our weight down and stay physically fit.

Coaching Inquiries: How could you break up your day with periods of activity, stretching, and relaxation? What could remind you to do so? What activities could you participate in regularly for health and fitness?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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