Wellness Pathway #206 Put It Back

With a family history of high-blood pressure and cardiovascular disease, it’s important for me to stay active and keep my weight as low as possible. These are positive, proactive steps that can delay the onset of medication even when genetics are not on our side. Given the health complications that stem from being sedentary and overweight, it behooves everyone to maintain this focus.

One simple technique to help us to do so is to put at least one thing back every day. Sometime, during the course of the day, when you reach for a piece of food or a beverage with calories, put it back. Change your mind. Raise your awareness by doing something different. Then keep a written daily record of what you put back.

This simple act can have powerful consequences. For one thing, the calories saved will add up to weight loss. Perhaps you’ve heard of “the single cookie theory.” Putting back one single cookie a day, or about 100 calories, is enough to lose about ten pounds in a year’s time. What if you weighed ten pounds less than you do right now, by the end of 2004? Would that be a good thing? Put one thing back a day, and you can do it.

You may find that putting one thing back a day, and keeping a written daily record, will assist you to do even more than that. The act of putting something back builds powerful awareness. This awareness may lead to different decisions at other times during the day, without your even trying. Awareness is like that. New awareness leads to new choices which leads to changed lives.

Coaching Inquiries: When was the last time that you put something back? Do you already keep a daily record or log? How could you integrate these practices on a daily basis?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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