Wellness Pathway #205 Mix It Up

Long distance runners know the value of cross-training. When you’re pounding the pavement 50 or more miles a week, it’s important to pay as much attention to your recovery strategy as to your workouts. That strategy includes rest days and cross-training. Every long-distance runner needs at least one rest day per week, and the need for rest increases as we age or suffer injury.

Cross-training plays a similar function. It prevents injury by working different muscles in different ways without repeating the impact of running. No long-distance runner can sustain injury-free, peak performance without cross-training. This includes strength training (with weights), gentle dynamic stretching, and alternative aerobic exercise such as cycling, swimming, rowing, or using machines (e.g., elliptical trainers and stair climbers).

Cross-training also serves another purpose: it can keep us interested in exercise. Even the most inveterate runners report plateaus, if they are honest, when their performance and their interest in running starts to sag. It’s just not as much fun anymore. Mixing things up with cross-training can be just what the doctored ordered. Instead of quitting altogether, you shift your routine in new directions in order to reap both physical and mental benefits.

This strategy applies to everyone, not just to runners, especially as we come through the holidays with those New Year’s resolutions looming on the horizon. When you reach that moment when you’re feeling frustrated and discouraged with your routine, even if it was working for a while, don’t just bear down and plow through. Will power will only get you so far. Instead, mix it up! Cross-train. Do something different. This will assist you to move up, rather than down, off the plateau.

Coaching Inquiries: Are you on the upswing, downswing, or are you on a plateau when it comes to your own exercise habits? Is it time to mix things up a bit? What could you do differently this week that would be interesting, enjoyable, active, and healthy? 

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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