Wellness Pathway #202 Stick With The Program

Perhaps you saw the stories in the news. Researchers at Tufts University randomly assigned 160 overweight and obese people to one of four diet regimens: Atkins, Ornish, Weight Watchers, and the Zone. Guess which diet proved to be most effective at assisting people to lose weight and get in shape? None of the above! They all worked just about as well — or just about as poorly — depending upon your perspective.

Specifically, people were given a book describing the diet, an instruction session on how to follow the diet, and four counseling sessions during the first two months. Other than that, people were on their own. Those who followed their respective program for a year, lost a modest amount of weight. But about half of the participants following the Atkins and Ornish diets, and about one-third of the participants following the less-restrictive Weight Watchers and Zone diets, dropped out before the study was completed.

The conclusion of the study: stick with the program you’ve chosen to follow. They all work. Just don’t expect miracles and do expect to stay the course. Without consistency, none of these programs have the power to make extra weight just melt away.

Weight Watchers International (WWI) was understandably quick to object to the study because their program is not based on a book but rather on a program of ongoing support, with weekly meetings and weigh-ins. This support, noted a senior scientist from WWI, makes a far bigger difference than most people realize. It assists people to not only get on a diet, but to stay on a diet as a matter of choice, awareness, and trust.

Many LifeTrek clients use coaching in this same way, to provide the support and strategy that make for a transformed life. By learning to not only develop new habits, but to enjoy new habits, our clients gain what it takes to get on and stick with the program.

Coaching Inquiries: Do you want to lose weight? What program sounds most attractive to you? What will be your sources of support and strength?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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