Wellness Pathway #201 Walk at 4:34 PM

Are you as surprised by the title of this Wellness Pathway as I am? Well it turns out that 4:34 PM is the average meltdown moment for people on a diet who relapse into overeating, according to a study published in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology. Who knew!

While I may not have known the exact moment, I certainly knew, from personal experience, that late afternoon is a danger time for those long-standing weight problems. When I’m away from my home base and normal routine, which includes a series of mini-meals throughout the day, there’s no more dangerous time than when I first walk in the door. That’s when I’m most likely to forage for food, even though a full meal may be on its way only an hour later.

Studies indicate that late afternoon is a time of decreased energy, increased hunger, and increased tension. These factors all contribute to the meltdown of our best intentions. But there is a solution: go for a brisk, five-minute walk.

When you arrive home, do that before you do anything else. If you travel by public transportation, pick up the pace five minutes before you walk in the door. If you park in a garage, leave your things in the car and take that walk before setting foot in the house. According to Robert Thayer, Ph.D., author of Calm Energy: How People Regulate Mood with Food and Exercise, this vigorous burst of activity diminishes the desire to snack and gets you past the most urgent hunger pangs.

Coaching Inquiries: Is late afternoon a danger time for you? What opportunities do you have for taking one or more of those brisk, five-minute walks?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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