Wellness Pathway #200 Make Time To Eat

If you visit the Wellness Pathway archives on the LifeTrek Coaching Website, you will discover that they are organized around four broad categories: Nutrition (including food, hydration, and supplements), Exercise (including endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance routines), Rest (including sleep, relaxation, and recovery techniques), and Hygiene (including self-care, support, and environmental design). All four categories need to be in good shape before we can experience sustained, optimal health.

It’s hard to know where to put this Pathway. It could be put in Nutrition, Rest, or Hygiene because those who make time to eat, tend to eat, rest, and do better than those who eat on the run. But Hygiene gets the nod.

Whether you are alone or eating with others, and whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner — sitting down at the table, turning off the electronic devices, putting away the reading material, and making the time to eat is one great habit to learn and practice. We did that as a family growing up. 6:30 PM was the dinner hour, and everyone was expected to attend. It taught us to appreciate our food, to slow down, to at least think about table manners (I’m still working on that one), and to converse about things large and small.

It’s well known that people who make time for breakfast tend to eat less during the day and to weigh less when they get on the scale. The same goes for those who make time to eat throughout the day, rather than eating on the run or while standing up. Eating without distractions has a way of increasing your awareness of both the food you eat and of your desire for food. With increased awareness comes better choices, and with better choices comes increased trust in your ability to live and eat well.

Coaching Inquiries: Do you make time to eat? What gets in the way? Could you pre-plan to eat one meal or snack today, tomorrow, and the next without distractions? Keep a journal to see what happens.

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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