Wellness Pathway #198 Prostate Health Alerts

Before I review the details, let’s cut to chase: if you are at risk for or are suffering from prostate cancer, then it behooves you to minimize your consumption of red meat, animal fat, flax seed oil, and supplemental zinc. By taking those four steps, you will set yourself on the pathway of prostate health.

Red meat and animal fat are well known risk factors for the prostate gland. The less you eat, the better your chances. Flax seed oil is more interesting, since it can be beneficial for many other forms of cancer. But Dr. Charles Myers at the University of Virginia, has shown a direct laboratory connection between the fatty acids in flax seed oil and increased metastatic prostate cancer.

Curiously, ground flax seed meal does not have the same negative consequences. Just as extracting the isoflavones from soy beans may do more harm than good, so too with extracting the oil from flax seeds. The fiber, lignans, and other components found in whole, ground flax seeds make it a good dietary choice for men and women alike.

High doses of supplemental zinc, at least 100 milligrams a day, are the most recently identified risk factor for prostate health. This from the National Cancer Institute after studying 47,000 men. Given that many men take supplemental zinc in the hope of preventing prostate problems, it behooves us to watch the dosage. Less is more when it comes to supplemental zinc.

As for the ground flax seed meal, I try and consume 2 tablespoons per day. I sprinkle them on cereal in the morning, mix them in fruit smoothies, or toss them in with salads. They have a delightful, nutty taste and can easily be ground in an impeller-type coffee bean grinder. Since the meal spoils quickly, I prefer to grind and consume them immediately. If you must store the ground meal for any length of time, be sure to do so in the refrigerator.

Coaching Inquiries: Do you have a preference for whole foods? Are ground flax seeds a regular part of your diet? How much red meat and animal fat do you consume? Do you know how much supplemental zinc you take, from all sources (including energy bars and other fortified foods)? What changes would you like to make for the future?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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