Wellness Pathway #197 Enhance Beauty

More than a year ago, I wrote about the importance of appreciating beauty to health and wellness. Health is not just a matter of nutrition and exercise. It’s also a matter of rest, recovery, relaxation, personal hygiene, and self-care. Beauty has a part to play in all the above. It can provide the inspiration to be our very best.

Many people struggle with how to incorporate these Wellness Pathways in their lives. They want to eat right, exercise more, and enjoy life, but they lack the inspiration to do so regularly. Getting on the treadmill is a chore. Buying healthy food is an expense. Swallowing supplements is a bother. Sitting still is a waste of time. Everyone has their distractions and excuses.

Beauty is the antidote to them all. The more we get involved in enhancing beauty, the easier it becomes to sustain our interest and enthusiasm in life. Sometimes this is just about paying attention. Cutting up vegetables for a stir-fry can easily be a thing of beauty. But other times, we do the work to make beauty come alive.

This year, for example, I planted and tended a crop of giant cockscomb. Doing this work and watching the flowers grow into all their magnificent glory has been an occasion for wonder and rejoicing. They are beautiful. For the past month, we have been cleaning up from hurricane Isabel. Replanting our hedge of ligustrums, watering them, and getting things just right, has been a joy. So was walking around for several hours at a recent art fair. Such creative diversity in the human family of beings!

What about you? How can you enhance the beauty of your environment? Are there ways you can pay better attention? Are there things you can do? Looking for beauty and making your environment more to your liking is an essential part of health and wellness.

Meyer Friedman, et. al., have identified “searching for beauty and joy” as one way to overcome Type A Behavior. Even one experience, they argue, can be enough to liberate you for good. The more involved you become in enhancing beauty, the better you will feel and care for life.

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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