Wellness Pathway #188 Eat Cereal for Breakfast

You may know that it is not a good idea to skip breakfast. Those who do, end up being more overweight than those who don’t. But what kind of breakfast should we eat to maintain or achieve a healthy weight?

Recent studies indicate that cereal works best. Researchers from the University of California, Berkeley, reviewed data from the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, a large population-based study carried out in the US from 1988-1994. The researchers classified people into 10 groups based upon their morning routine. These groups included: “Skippers,” “Meat/Eggs,” “Ready-to-Eat Cereal,” “Cooked Cereal,” “Breads,” “Quick Breads” (such as muffins and sweet breads made without yeast), “Fruits/vegetables,” “Dairy,” “Fats/sweets,” and “Beverages.”

Those who ate cereal, either Ready-to-Eat or Cooked, had significantly lower body mass index than “Skippers” and “Meat/Eggs” eaters. Another study, in Finland, found a similar connection among teenagers who skipped breakfast. They also found that “Skipper” teenagers were more likely to smoke and drink alcohol and less likely to exercise.

My recommendation? Eat a high-fiber, low-fat breakfast. Stay away from cereals and breads with high sugar and hydrogenated vegetable oils. When I’m not eating my high-fiber, high-protein, flax-rich fruit smoothie, I enjoy raw oatmeal mixed in with organic dairy or cultured soy yogurt and 2 tablespoons of ground flax seeds. There’s no need to cook the oatmeal before eating. Mixed in with the yogurt, the oatmeal tastes great.

Coaching Inquiries: Do you eat breakfast regularly? Do you eat on the run or do you eat mindfully? How could you get more fiber and less fat in your breakfast?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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