Wellness Pathway #183 Pick Up The Pace

Runners know that the only way to run faster is to run faster. That may sound a little silly, but it actually makes great sense. If you want to run faster in a longer race, then you have to get used to running faster while training for shorter distances. We call this interval training, and it makes a huge difference in how fast and far you progress as a runner.

It’s easy to appreciate this difference by conducting your own experiment. Let’s say you can run four miles in 36 minutes, which equates to a 9-minute mile. Now alternate between a 10-minute mile and an 8-minute mile for four miles. You will cover the same distance in the same time, but you will be pushed to limit by the effort of those 8-minute miles.

That pushing to the limit, for brief periods of time, is precisely what will make you fitter and faster. A recent study at Central Michigan University demonstrated that picking up the pace, to the point of running all out, for 5 to 7 minutes, dramatically increased the fat- and calorie-burning impact of a 30-minute run. The subjects ran easy for 10 minutes, then ran hard for 5 to 7 minutes, and then ran easy again to the end of the run. This not only increased the fat- and calorie-burning impact of the run, it also made the last 10-15 minutes of the run feel easier and better.

So pick up the pace, for brief periods of time, in order to maximize the fitness benefits of your workout. This goes for running, biking, swimming or any other aerobic exercise. Brief spurts of intense activity can generate significant, long-term benefits.

Coaching Inquiries: When was the last time that you pushed yourself to the limit? Does the thought of that fill you with dread? How can you make it more appealing?

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