Wellness Pathway #182 Eat Healthy Bacteria

In a world filled with harmful bacteria and viruses that make for scary headline news (SARS, AIDS, West Nile Virus, Monkey Pox, etc., etc.), it’s easy to forget that bacteria and viruses are in our bodies at all times and that some of them are essential to good health. Studies have shown that living in an aseptic environment, devoid of germs, can be a problem as can living in a contaminated environment, filled with germs. The secret to health is living in the balance, and that goes for bacteria as well as for most other things.

The gastrointestinal tract is one place where healthy or pro-biotic bacteria are absolutely essential. Without bacteria in the gut, we not only reduce our ability to digest food, we also become more vulnerable to common infections, stomach ulcers, skin disorders, and certain types of cancer. They are an essential part of the body’s ecosystem, creating an acidic environment that thwarts of harmful bacteria in the gut and throughout the body. 

To promote the growth of healthy bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract, we can eat either the bacteria themselves or the foods the bacteria love. Yogurt, kefir, and cheese are cultured with pro-biotic bacteria. Look for the ones that say “live” or “active” cultures on the label. One can also take pro-biotic supplements. Soy food products and buttermilk are two foods that bacteria love. Soy yogurt, an increasingly popular food item, gives you both the bacteria and the soy for a double benefit. If you’re not familiar with it, this is one taste worth acquiring.

Coaching Inquiries: Do you eat healthy bacteria and/or soy food products on a regular basis? If not, what food would you like to try?

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