Wellness Pathway #172: Even More On Aspirin

One reader of LifeTrek Provisions, a medical doctor and personal friend, submitted the following reply to last week’s tip on the health benefits of aspirin. “I am really glad you directed readers to their doctors after asking, ‘What’s not to like?’ about taking a daily aspirin. While I agree that daily low-dose aspirin can often be used as an adjunct to managing cardiovascular risk factors, I would point out the risks to taking aspirin, especially gastrointestinal bleeding. These risks increase sharply when persons taking routine aspirin add an analgesic such as ibuprofen (e.g., Advil) for acute pain. Patients starting aspirin need to be warned about this risk, and in most cases should be advised to consider acetaminophen (e.g., Tylenol) when an analgesic is needed.”

“It should also be stressed that low doses (75 to 81 mg) of aspirin are just as effective as the ordinary dose of 325 mg in producing cardiovascular benefits. Any advice to take an aspirin a day should direct people to take only the low-dose form.”

“Finally, as you know, aspirin’s benefits cause only an incremental reduction in disease risk. Far more effective ways to reduce risk include non-smoking, weight control, routine exercise, sensible diet, control of blood pressure and blood lipids, etc. No one should think that by taking a little pill each day they can afford to slacken off on these other proven strategies. Again, thanks for all the great messages. I only urge a bit of caution when recommending a powerful medication to so large and diverse an audience.”

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