Wellness Pathway #171: More Aspirin Benefits

In Wellness Pathway #115, I mentioned the cardio-vascular benefits of taking low-dose aspirin. As my cardiologist told me at the time, every single cardiologist he knew took an aspirin daily. They might not agree on anything else regarding the preventive value of supplementation, but their actions expressed a clear vote of confidence in aspirin for cardiovascular health.

Two new studies, published in the March 6th issue of The New England Journal of Medicine, now suggest that aspirin may also contribute to gastrointestinal health. Both a daily low-dose and a daily regular-strength aspirin reduced the incidence of colon polyps in people at increased risk (either because they previously had polyps removed or because they have a family history of polyps). Given that colon polyps can develop into cancerous malignancies, a daily low-dose aspirin may help your heart, reduce the incidence of strokes, and prevent colon cancer all at the same time. What’s not to like? Talk with your doctor to see if a daily aspirin regimen may be right for you.

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