Wellness Pathway #170: Breathe Smoke Free Air

It’s almost embarrassing to note that after almost two year’s of LifeTrek Wellness Pathways, I have not covered the importance of breathing smoke free air. What brought this to my attention was a recent report of the World Health Organization (WHO) which indicates that “by the year 2020, there will be a 50 percent increase in the number of people diagnosed with cancer unless steps are taken now.” Fortunately, those steps have the ability to cure or prevent practically two-thirds of that increase. And the number one step mentioned in the WHO report is to stop breathing tobacco smoke, either your own smoke or the smoke of others.

Once considered a “Western” disease, cancer is now a leading killer in every part of the world. And tobacco is a big part of the reason for that unfortunate development. An estimated 100 million people died during the 20th century from tobacco-related diseases. Smokers have a 20 to 30 times greater risk of lung cancer and more likelihood of developing bladder, renal, stomach, liver, kidney and oral cavity cancers. What can you do? Stop smoking. Do whatever it takes to quit. Talk with your doctor. Hire a coach. Find a support group. Resources abound once you start looking.

If you live with a smoker, be sure to create a smoke-free zone for yourself in the house, ideally the whole house, and sleep with a HEPA air filter in your bed room to optimize air quality when your body most needs it for rest and recovery. These simple steps can help you avoid being a fatal cancer statistic of the 21st century. Don’t say you didn’t know.

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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