Wellness Pathway #169: Avoid Spreads on Breads

Most people like to spread butter, margarine, cream cheese, or some other rich topping on their bread, bagels, or toast. Unfortunately, there’s no perfect spread for a healthy diet. Butter, cream cheese, and other diary products contain too much saturated fat. Margarine contains hydrogenated vegetable oils and trans-fatty acids, which are as harmful to our health as saturated fat. They may even be more harmful. Designer spreads, such as Smart Balance, Earth Balance, and Benecol, are better for you but they are still fatty and highly-processed foods which are well avoided.

What’s the alternative? First, stay with wholegrain breads in order to add texture and taste to the bread itself. If you don’t enjoy eating these breads plain, you can dip them in olive oil or balsamic vinegar. Both are healthy and tasty alternatives to thicker spreads. If these tastes don’t go with the meal, then top your bread with honey or fruit. Just be sure to keep the quantity of all dips and toppings to a minimum, in order to avoid excess calories.

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