Wellness Pathway #167: Write It Down

Athletes know the importance of writing down their workouts. From week to week, month to month, and year to year, having a written record of where you are in your training serves to increase self-awareness and to motivate further action. It can be as simple as a few marks on a page.

One thing I love to do, for example, is to train with and to pace my clients in a marathon race. We typically follow a plan together, that is printed out, and every day I make a checkmark on the plan when I finish the run. If I go a little more or less, I make a note of that as well as anything else of interest. I also make use of an electronic journal, which is created automatically by my training watch and speedometer from FitSense.com. Here I record where I ran, weather conditions, the shoes I wore, as well as the mileage splits for the run.

This simple habit of keeping a journal is part of what enables me to exercise both regularly and wisely. Many people exercise with such intensity that they end up hurting themselves, doing more harm than good.

If you dramatically bump up your intensity level from one week to the next, whether for aerobic or anaerobic exercise (such as running or weight lifting), is asking for trouble. If a little feels good, than more must be better, and a whole lot more must be great. Right? Not exactly.

Keeping a journal enables you to avoid such mistakes. It makes you smarter about what’s going on with you, enabling you to be injury free and to achieve far more than you otherwise might. Want to get healthy? Then write down your eating and exercising patterns. Keep it short and simple in order to find the motivation for life.

Coaching Inquiries: Do you keep any written logs, journals, diaries? What do you use them for? Do they assist you to stay on track with your plans? Do they enable you to make discoveries and mid-course corrections? How could you start a writing practice for life?

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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