Wellness Pathway #165: Eat Healthy Fats

It may surprise you to learn that we need to eat fat in order to be healthy. But we don’t need to eat too much fat and we need to eat the right kinds of fat. That’s because there are some essential fats, often called essential fatty acids, which the body cannot manufacture and which have to be consumed. For a long time, people thought that saturated fat — the kind found in meat, dairy, and tropical oils — was the worst kind of fat because of its negative impact on the cardiovascular system. Margarine, which contains no saturated fat, was therefore put forward as a healthy alternative to butter.

Then people learned that the hydrogenation process, which thickens unsaturated vegetable oils into stick or tub margarine, produces trans-fatty acids that are at least as harmful and perhaps even more harmful than saturated fat. So what’s a person to do? For one thing, avoid butter and margarine altogether. If you must lubricate your bread, use olive oil. For another, you can select alternative spreads that minimize the problem. Finally, you can minimize your consumption of meat and dairy, replacing it with deep-water fish such as salmon or tuna and heart-healthy seeds such as flax or hemp. It’s not that difficult to eat the right kinds and quantities of fat.

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