Wellness Pathway #161: Lift Slowly

By now you know, if you’ve been reading Provisions for any length of time, that a healthy exercise program includes four types of exercises: endurance, strength, stretching, and balance. Endurance exercises, like running, biking, or swimming, raise the heart rate and build the cardio-vascular system. Strength exercises, like weight lifting or isometrics, build muscle mass and tone. Stretching exercises keep the muscles flexible, promoting freedom of movement. While balance exercises build coordination, equilibrium, and leg strength. No one kind of exercise does it all; it takes a concerted effort of all four types to achieve optimal health.

Many people approach weight lifting with the wrong idea: they attempt to lift as much and as rapidly as they can until their muscles burn and become weak. I prefer the super-slow method advocated by Ellington Darden, who was director of research for Nautilus Sports / Medical Industries for seventeen years. Darden recommends lifting less weight more slowly in order to develop your muscles more quickly. His research, along with that of Ken Hutchins, has identified a 15-second pattern, divided 10:5 between the initial push or pull and the subsequent release, as the optimal strength-building pattern. You can lift less weight this way, but experience has shown that super-slow = super-fast when it comes to building muscle mass.

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