Wellness Pathway #157: Brush Your Teeth

How many times did you hear that one as a child? “Brush your teeth!” How many times do you brush your teeth today? Twice a day is the bare minimum. After each meal is ideal. Everyone knows that brushing your teeth is important to preventing tooth loss and gum disease. But did you know there are many other health benefits to brushing your teeth? For one thing, brushing after every meal is a habit that can assist you with weight control. It’s one of those support systems that I talked about in this week’s Provision. People think twice about putting more food in their mouth after they’ve brushed their teeth.

In addition, a new study from the Harvard School of Dental Medicine indicates that brushing your teeth can lower your risk of suffering a stroke. In this study, men with fewer than 25 teeth had a 57 percent higher risk of suffering an ischemic stroke than those who had 25 or more teeth. People with fewer teeth have had more problems with periodontal disease, infections that may pass into the bloodstream and increase the buildup of plaque in the arteries. Frequent teeth brushing is, therefore, a simple way to not only save your teeth but to save your life as well.

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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