Wellness Pathway #152: Lift Weights

The cover article of the December 2002 issue of Nutrition Action Health Letter, produced by the Center for Science in the Public Interest, is entitled “Your Exercise Rx.” It reminds us, once again, about the importance of regular exercise to health and wellness. Without exercise, no diet will keep us well. With exercise, even a poor diet can be somewhat offset. If you have to choose, and you don’t, between sedentary and thin or active and overweight, choose active every time. It will carry you further than any other single prescription.

Unfortunately, many people are either not active or they think they’re active when they’re not active enough to receive significant health benefits. It’s not enough to be busy and on the go. In fact, being busy usually just gets in the way of being active. Being active means exercising daily for at least 30 minutes. 45 to 60 minutes is ideal. When you exercise, it’s important to do aerobic exercise, strength training, stretching, and balance coordination. As we age, it becomes even more important to lift weights in order to prevent or reverse the loss of muscle mass and tone. Once again, it’s not enough to lift just a heavy bucket occasionally. It takes a disciplined program of weight lifting to build muscle. Get a book on weight lifting, work with your coach, or go to a gym with a good fitness staff in order to do it right.

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