Wellness Pathway #150: Make It A Habit

Recently, my wife and I started to take 40-form Tai Chi classes. At the first class, the instructor said that we should expect Tai Chi, an unhurried series of choreographed movements and positions, to feel awkward and uncomfortable at first. “But if you come back three more times,” he said with a smile, “you’re mine.” What our instructor was reflecting, whether he knew it or not, was the notion that it takes 21 days to develop a new habit. At first we find ourselves awkward and uncomfortable — like going to a health club and not knowing how to use the equipment — but after 21 days it becomes habitual behavior which we no longer have to think about in order to maintain. Soon we’re able to share what we know with others.

That is good news for anyone trying to develop new, healthy habits. Many people give up before they reach that point of effortless momentum. They miss their old unhealthy behavior and they cave in to its sirens. But if we hang in there long enough, for 21 days or more, we will find that our new healthy behavior starts to have an appeal of its own. As that appeal grows, it will become as effortless to maintain as brushing your teeth. Most people never have to think about that healthy habit. They just do it, at least twice a day, routinely. So can it be for all our healthy habits. With a little sustained practice, we too can become masters of the form.

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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