Wellness Pathway #143: Wet Your Pills

When my children were in high school, we lived close to the school and their friends would often come by our house. I can remember how their eyes would bug out as I swallowed a handful of vitamins, minerals, and other supplements all at one time. “How did you do that?” they exclaimed. It became a standing joke to watch me swallow pills and to see if I could break my own record as to how many I could swallow at once.

Last weekend we had one of our semi-annual LifeTrek Coaching International staff retreats. Once again a few eyes bugged out and they encouraged me to share my secret, for all our readers who swallow large numbers of pills — both prescription and over-the-counter — every day. The secret is simple: wet your pills. Put them all in your mouth at one time, swish them around until they’re good and wet, then relax and swallow as though you had just finished chewing a large mouthful of food. In one swallow they’re gone. Unless you have a pill that dissolves instantly upon contact with water, which should then be swallowed separately, this method offers hope for those who have been struggling to get those pills down every day.

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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