Wellness Pathway #142: White Flight

No, the title of this Wellness Pathway does not refer to a well-known sociological dynamic. I’m referring to a simple rule of thumb that can assist you to easily and markedly improve your health. Avoid white foods and food products. That goes for white flower, sugar, rice, potatoes, bread, crackers, tortillas, snacks, and pancakes. The problem? These foods all have a high glycemic index, meaning they metabolize too fast in your blood system. You could call them “flash foods,” because that’s what they do in your body.

When these foods flash their load of sugar, they spike the glucose in your system which, in turn, spikes the body’s production of insulin. Then everything comes crashing down — until you get another hit. Like drug addicts, many people go through the day from sugar high to sugar high — not even knowing the problem because they never actually eat sugar. But they do drink it in beverages. And they are eating plenty of white food products (white flour actually has a higher glycemic index than white sugar). These are not, of course, the only high-glycemic foods. But if you want to avoid the health problems associated with “flash foods” (including diabetes and cardiovascular problems), white flight is a good place to start.

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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