Wellness Pathway #135: Undersize Your Meal

Wellness Pathway #114, Eat Less, reported on the well-documented phenomenon that the less we eat, the longer we live. Mice who were fed a very-low calorie diet for as little as four weeks delayed the onset of age-related diseases and prolonged their lives. Although most human beings will not enjoy the quality of life that comes from a very-low calorie diet, one surefire way to shorten your life is to do the opposite and participate in the current trend to super size every meal.

For a small amount of money, most fast-food restaurants will gladly give you larger portions of just about everything. Sit-down restaurants are no better. The average plate size has increased dramatically in the USA over the past decade (it’s now up to 12.5 inches or 32 cm). And all the bulk food items at grocery stores encourage over buying. The answer? Under size your meal. After the food is on your plate and before you start eating, divide the food in half and set aside half for later. If you’re in a restaurant, have them bring a take-home container with the meal. It will help your budget and your weight at the same time.

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