Wellness Pathway #134: Make Exercise Fun

When people hear that I exercise at least seven hours a week, they often respond, “I should do more of that.” Or, “I wish I was that disciplined and committed.” Or, “How in the world can you find that much time?” Such responses are so far from the mark of my experience that they all present tremendous coaching opportunities. First of all, I don’t exercise because I should. Second of all, it’s not about discipline or commitment. And finally, it’s easy to find the time. So what’s my secret? I’ve made exercise fun.

There’s really no other way to sustain an exercise routine. You may be able to start one because the doctor says you should. You may be able to stick with it, for a time, through discipline and commitment. And you may be able to squeeze it in, at least on some days, around the edges of a busy schedule. But eventually, if it doesn’t become fun, the routine will end. There are many ways to make exercise fun. For some people, it’s the competition of sporting events. For others, it’s the companionship of exercising with other people. For still others, it’s the stress relief and relaxation response that comes from a good, hard workout. Find your fun, and the exercise will follow.

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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