Wellness Pathway #132: Wash Your Produce

As a child, I remember my mother reminding me to wash my fruits and vegetables before eating them. I didn’t pay much attention at the time, but now I have renewed appreciation for the importance of this practice. A recent study in the UK showed that of the 15 types of fruits and vegetables tested, 11 had pesticide residues in excess of the maximum recommended levels. These included strawberries, grapes, peaches, potatoes, and mushrooms. Conventional strawberries in the US have such high levels of methyl bromide, a fungicide and known carcinogen, that they’re not worth eating.

What a person to do? First, buy organic produce whenever possible. Then wash your produce thoroughly. Even organic produce needs washing, since the bacteria from natural fertilizers can make it all the way to store shelves. Use something more than plain water. I like a product called “Veggie Wash” from Citrus Magic (http://www.citrusmagic.com/veggiewash.html) which is 300 times more effective than plain water at removing pesticides, waxes, and other surface contaminates. You can even use soapy water as long as you rinse thoroughly.

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