Wellness Pathway #129: Appreciate Beauty

These Wellness Pathways tend to rotate between nutrition, fitness, and wisdom tips. That’s because “Wellness” means a condition of optimal well-being. Nutrition and fitness will only get you two-thirds of the way. There are also pathways of the spirit, which go to the core of who we are and how we feel as human beings. If anything distinguishes us from other animals, it’s our ability to appreciate beauty. Last night I was arranging a beautiful bouquet of flowers in our new home that a friend gave to us as we were leaving our old home. The act of arranging the flowers was refreshing. Seeing the bouquet on our kitchen table continues to nourish our spirits.

Perhaps it’s because we now park ourselves on the edge of a beautiful lake, with lush vegetation and a family of white swans, but our awareness of beauty has gone up a notch or two. In the process, so has our gratitude for the gift of life. But the attitude of gratitude and the appreciation of beauty are not restricted to gorgeous natural settings. We often felt the same way when we lived and worked in the inner-city of Chicago, under very different conditions. We can decide to appreciate beauty — or we can let ourselves be too busy, impatient, or stressed out. What will it be for you? Here is one reader’s reply:

“I’ve really enjoyed the LifeTrek Provisions, and they come at just the right time. May was a terrible month with significant health and career challenges. Though limited in what physical activity I could do, on May 27, I began walking daily on a treadmill at the local community center. At first, I tried to read or do something “productive.” Finally, I decided that these walks, looking out at a beautiful field and hills with the sun coming up over them, were really a walk away from these recent events and a walk to a newer, healthier, and (hopefully) wealthier life. It made the walk much more purposeful than just exercising. I’ve been through the range of emotions on these walks, and feel strength, energy, and purpose returning as I move away from the events of May. While I’m not certain about what I’m walking towards, at least I’m walking away from unpleasantness, a job that took too much out of me, and pain in my back. Starting tomorrow, I will start imagining what I’m walking towards! I’ll trust my body and mind to get me to where I need to be. Thanks for sharing your insights in these Provisions!”

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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