Wellness Pathway #124: Sweeten With Stevia

Yes, I put the word “sweeten” together with “stevia.” The United States is a curious and wonderful country indeed. In a country where the Food and Drug Administration will permit unlicensed and unregulated production and distribution of DHEA — a hormone that requires a doctor’s prescription in most of the world — it has seen fit to eliminate stevia from the food supply even though it’s been used by millions of people for thousands of years with no ill effect. Go figure.

What is stevia? It’s a natural calorie-free sweetener, derived from a South American shrub, that’s many times sweeter than sugar. It is very popular in Japan as a table sweetener. But in the United States it can only be sold as a supplement and cannot be used as an ingredient in the manufacture of food. Something tells me the artificial sweetener lobby got there first. You can buy stevia in powder or liquid form at any health food store. It can be used in baking, and there are stevia cookbooks. For those who like to sweeten their drinks, stevia — which has a slight licorice flavor — is a far healthier option than either sugar or any commercially manufactured artificial sweetener.

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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