Wellness Pathway #121: Lower Your Body Fat

Although maintaining a healthy weight is important for longevity (see Wellness Pathway #114, Eat Less), it’s a mistake to be solely focused on your weight. Two people can be the exact same height and weight, but one can be obese while the other is fit. What’s the difference? Their body fat percentage. The recommended body fat for men is 14%-17% and for women is 21%-24%. Athletes keep their body fat percentage even lower.

Apart from becoming anorexic (not a good idea) there’s no way to lower your body fat percentage through diet alone. One has to both eat fewer calories and build muscle through aerobic (such as running) as well as anaerobic (such as weightlifting) exercise. How can you determine your body percentage? A medical center will perform hydro densitometry (underwater weighing). Fitness centers generally use calibers. But a quick, easy, and quite accurate method for home use are body fat monitors from http://www.bodytrends.com. They look just like regular bathroom scales and use bioelectrical impedance analysis to calculate your body fat percentage. Note: people with pacemakers and other implanted electrical devices should not use this device.

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