Wellness Pathway #112: Take Glucosamine Sulfate for Joint Pain

Soon after I started running in 1998, I developed such significant knee pain that I thought I would have to stop. This was particularly disappointing, since I was all set to run my first marathon after a 13-year hiatus. Many people are in the same boat. “I’d run,” they tell me, “but my knees are shot.” Certainly some joint conditions will prohibit running. Check with your doctor for an accurate diagnosis. But there is no evidence that running causes join pain and there are many ways to control it.

One of the most effective ways to alleviate and protect against joint pain is to take 1,500 to 2,000 mg. of glucosamine sulfate daily in divided doses, after breakfast and dinner. This amino sugar is derived from crustacean shells. It occurs in abundance in healthy joints. It is depleted or missing in joints that hurt. Consuming supplemental glucosamine sulfate can replenish those stores and get you moving again. Even arthritis sufferers can experience relief from glucosamine sulfate. Right now major clinical trials are underway to confirm (or deny) what many people have already experienced. This stuff works. It can be purchased without a prescription as a nutritional supplement.

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