Wellness Pathway #107: Stretch Yourself Silly

If there’s one thing most anyone can do to lighten the load of life and to improve their overall health, it’s to stretch at least 10 minutes a day. Think of your muscles and their supporting vascular system as rubber bands which get brittle from lack of use but which stay flexible from regular expansion and contraction. We get some expansion and contraction, of course, just from our everyday activities. But most of us don’t get enough. Everyday activities stay within a narrow and repetitive range of motion. Stretching can move beyond that range and flex muscles that normally don’t get our full attention. It can help us to laugh and live well.

Learning how to stretch is easy. Just lean easily into a position until you feel a muscle stretch, then hold for about thirty seconds. Relax. Repeat. Find a new position and do it again. Move from your neck down to your toes. Do it while you’re sitting, standing, or lying down. There’s no end to the possibilities. Stretching should not hurt. Do not bounce, jerk, or tear into a position. Just take it easy and proceed. The classic book on stretching, by Bob Anderson, is still a great one. With over 2 million copies sold since it came out in 1980, you can order Stretching from Amazon.

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May you be filled with goodness, peace, and joy.

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