Provision #188: Measure your Money

Laser Provision Money has a way of distancing us from the truth. What is something worth? We typically answer in terms of currency. Dollars and cents. But we can just as easily answer in terms of time and energy. Measuring our money this way can transform our relationship with money and make us more financially […]

Provision #187: Massage your Memory

Laser Provision Everyone has positive as well as negative memories of money. They can provoke fear as well as respect and power. Until we come to terms with our own story, until we massage our memory of money, no amount of vision can be totally successful. But once done, a proud and responsible future can […]

Provision #186: Envision Good Enough

Laser Provision What’s good enough for you? Far too many people settle for table scraps when they could be sitting at the banquet table. The difference is not about quantity, but about a vision of life based on your purpose, values, and gifts. When you come from this place, you can get and have enough […]

Provision #185: Enough is Enough

Laser Provision “Enough is enough!” That’s usually said in anger about an intolerable situation. For many, the consumer culture and economy have become just that. Intolerable. To break out, we need a clear vision of what “enough” looks like and a courageous choice to live accordingly. Then “enough” will truly be enough. LifeTrek Provision It’s […]

Provision #184: Make a Living

Laser Provision Money has become a problem for the vast majority of people. Some have too much. Most have too little. In either event, it takes far too much energy and time. We too often make a dying rather than a living. But there is a way to change that. There is a way to […]