Provision #193: Save Money Regularly

Laser Provision Financial independence can be defined as never having to work for a living. Most of us are so far away from that position that it appears to be an impossible dream. But as with most impossible dreams, it begins with a single step: saving regularly. LifeTrek Provision The process of moving toward financial […]

Provision #192 Stop Wasting, Start Making

Laser Provision After you pay down your debts it’s time to start saving money and investing in the future. That’s how people become wealthy: one dollar at a time. The key is to stop wasting and start making money • then you can start and fuel the engine that will power you to financial independence. […]

Provision #191: Pay Down your Debts

Laser Provision Do you work hard for your money and have a lot of debts? If so, you may be poor even if your income is high. Financial independence begins with paying down your debts, and there’s a simple strategy to get it done. LifeTrek Provision Before you can start acting like you’re rich you […]

Provision #190: Cut your Expenses

Laser Provision Cutting your expenses can be a very high-yield investment: it’s completely tax-free and, when implemented properly, it can produce a sustainable as well as enjoyable lifestyle. Get into the game of cost cutting your way to success. LifeTrek Provision In reviewing the literature on the supply-side of the cash-flow equation, I made an […]

Provision #189: Escape the Rat Race

Laser Provision There is a place of balance between affluence and awareness. Too often we’re out of balance • having either too much or too little, without much appreciation for the present moment. Before turning to cash flow and debt reduction in order to break out of the rat race, let’s strike one last perspective […]