Provision #199: Make it Happen

Laser Provision Money is a representation of our life energy. It is really nothing more than an idea, but it is an idea that has shaped the world for centuries. To be happy in this kind of world, we need to figure out both sides of the equation: supply and demand. That is what we’ve […]

Provision #198: Network Yourself

Laser Provision What’s the next best thing you can do for yourself financially? Network yourself! This takes extending yourself on behalf of others. It’s not just who you know, it’s how you care for who you know. Once people know you care, you will never be stuck again. You’ll end up with the Midas touch […]

Provision #197: Incorporate Yourself

Laser Provision What’s the best thing you can do for yourself financially? Incorporate yourself! Put together a corporation that’s wrapped around your assets. This will enable you to reap great tax advantages and legal protections as well as to gain access to capital. It will also shift your thinking in important ways. LifeTrek Provision The […]

Provision #195: Play in the Sandbox

Laser Provision After you begin to have some assets with which you can invest, it behooves you to start playing with your money before the big opportunities come along. This “playing in the sandbox” will assist you to develop your knowledge of and intuition for making money work. LifeTrek Provision Although I hate to borrow […]

Provision #194: Give Money Regularly

Laser Provision Giving regularly goes hand-in-hand with saving regularly. They are both acts of faith, since they both demonstrate the conviction that the future can be controlled and improved. Giving also connects us with and encourages us to place our trust in others. Giving is good for the soul and other living things. LifeTrek Provision […]