Provision #645: The Power of Appreciation

Laser Provision What have we learned about appreciation in the past fourteen weeks? There are two ways to find out. One would be to go back and read each of the past fourteen issues in the Provision Archiveon our website. The other would be to read this one Provision which reviews and summarizes them all. Why […]

Provision #644: Like Attracts Like

Laser Provision Have you heard about “the law of attraction”? It was featured in a movie and a book called The Secret. I’m not too keen on interpretations that reduce “the law of attraction” to a get-rich-quick scheme or to any other incantation with magical powers to make the universe bow to our demands. But there […]

Provision #643: Appreciate the Beauty of Life

Laser Provision The optimist looks at the glass and calls it half full. The pessimist looks at the glass and calls it half empty. The appreciative person looks at the glass and calls it beautiful. We can always find that perspective from which we can understand, see, and contribute to the beauty of life. It […]

Provision #642: Work Your Attitude

Laser Provision We often think of attitude as a mental framework, but in reality it’s so much more. Attitude involves our whole being and we have to put it out in the world if we hope to experience its benefits. That’s especially true when it comes appreciation. Appreciation is no thing to keep to ourselves; […]

Provision #641: It’s All Good

Laser Provision The power of appreciation is not limited to the good times. It’s all good if we just have the eyes to see. That’s not to say there aren’t problems and challenges in life. It’s rather to say that we can find good stuff to celebrate even when times are tough or not going […]