Provision #137: Balance the Practice

LifeTrek Provision With this week’s LifeTrek Provision I conclude my serieson practice makes perfect. I announced this series in early August, after mywife and I had had the opportunity to listen to and meet Deepak Chopra at theChautauqua Institution in western New York State. Dr. Chopra effectively arguedthat people could improve the quality and quantity […]

Provision #136: More on Vitamins

LifeTrek Provision <spanstyle=’font-size:11.5pt;mso-bidi-font-size:10.0pt’>If ever there was a subjectthat’s prompted reader feedback, it’s been my last LifeTrek Provision on vitamins.Everyone seems to have an opinion here, as well as a favorite source andregimen. Before moving on, I want to share some reader feedback as well as the other supplements and foods recommended for specific conditions. For […]

Provision #135: Take your Vitamins

LifeTrek Provision I’m back to the body with this week’s tip: take your vitamins. How manytimes did you hear that as a young child? Those chewable fruit-flavoredmultiple vitamin pills are staples in many homes during the “growing years,”but people often stop taking supplements as adults. Current research suggeststhat we should “become like little children” and […]

Provision #134: Connect with God

LifeTrek Provision There is an energy, hidden from view, which is above all things, in allthings, and among all things. I call that energy God. You may call it Love,Life, Wisdom, or Truth. Whatever you call it, and it has many names, the factremains that it is there: creating, restoring, and sustaining all things in […]

Provision #133: Imagine That

LifeTrek Provision With this LifeTrek Provision I’m back to the mind • building those dendrites,the connections between nerve cells that help the mind to stay eternally young.While the number of brain cells decrease with age, the number of connectionsincrease as we exercise our mental faculties. The more we use our brains, themore connections are made. […]