Provision #225: Act Courageously

Laser Provision Successful people know when and how to act counter-intuitively. That takes courage. Sometimes it means doing the exact opposite of what seems to be indicated. Yet in chaotic, complex, and contradictory times, such counter-intuitive action is often the key to success in business and in life. Read on for details. LifeTrek Provision Successful […]

Provision #224: Mind Your Fear

Laser Provision Fear should not be dismissed as a sign of weakness. It serves to protect and create life. As strange as it may sound, this Provision puts in a few good words for fear. Take them to heart, and we may avoid shooting ourselves in the foot as we go after the enemy. LifeTrek […]

Provision #223: Transpose Your Enemy

Laser Provision This Provision contains your voices, the voices of LifeTrek clients, subscribers, coaches, and friends around the world. In the past five days, you have demonstrated a remarkable commitment to open communication and irrepressible hope. You have spoken in profound and moving ways. I hope you read to the end. LifeTrek Provision In the […]

Provision #222: Everything Will Be All Right

I arrived home last night at 9:45 PM, having given a pint of blood which was flown to New York this morning by the American Red Cross. I don’t enjoy giving blood. But there are situations, like my father’s bypass surgery and the tragedy in New York, that move me outside my comfort zone. Solidarity […]

Provision #232: It Makes a Difference

Laser Provision What does it mean to be brave? For some people • on both sides of the conflict in Afghanistan • it means fighting for their cause. For others it means questioning the war and finding alternative solutions. This week’s guest Provision makes you think about where you stand and how to make a difference. LifeTrek […]