Provision #282: Success

Laser Provision This Provision pulls together and summarizes the Ten Strategies for Success that we have explored during the past ten weeks with the help of some great American sports’ coaches. Their wisdom has become our wisdom, as this Provision makes plain. LifeTrek Provision As we begin this issue of Provisions, concluding our most recent […]

Provision #281: Celebrate

Laser Provision People have a hard time celebrating life. It’s easier to be critical than complimentary. Mistakes and problems receive far too much attention. Ironically, it’s only when we forget about winning that we improve our chances of winning. Celebrate the journey, every step of the way, and the results will follow. LifeTrek Provision Have […]

Provision #280: Communicate

Laser Provision The world is different today. To be successful, a leader can no longer just set a course and order people around. People expect a different quality and quantity of communication. Be honest and redundant. When it comes to communication, there’s no way to do too much. LifeTrek Provision This past week I have […]

Provision #279: Delegate

ings they’ve done. Treating your people with this kind of respect is what generates extraordinary effort and achievement.”Did you capture the heart of delegation in Dorrance’s words? Delegation is not just giving someone a job to do. It’s involving them in the decision-making process. It’s making them feel important because they are important. It’s taking […]

Provision #278: Take Responsibility

Laser Provision You can’t be successful without taking responsibility. But the question of responsibility is fraught with danger. Taking too much responsibility can cause as many problems as taking too little. This Provision assists you to accept, change, and know what you can do. It will make you more able to respond. LifeTrek Provision This […]