Provision #149: Question Yourself

LifeTrek Provision First, see The Green Mile. It speaks volumes aboutviolence, goodness, miracles, and courage.  Second, my series on changing yourself to change your lifecomes to a close with this simple observation: so often we focus on what’swrong with the world and how overwhelming the world’s problems appear. You willbe amazed at how much the world […]

Provision #160: Am I Me?

LifeTrek Provision I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this 10-part series of LifeTrek Provisions as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them out and receiving your replies. Next week I unveil a new series in a new format with a new name. Thanks to all who contributed thoughts, reflections, and ideas in the “Name that Newsletter” contest. […]

Provision #159: Am I Humble?

LifeTrek Provision We’re coming to the end of our series of ten questions that have the power to transform our life and work if we have the courage to stay with and open ourselves to them. This week’s question goes to the heart of the matter when it asks, “Am I Humble?” Although many would […]

Provision #158: Am I Humorous?

LifeTrek Provision Garfield is having a typical cartoon conversation with his nerdy owner Jon.• Jon is pondering whether or not he has lived any former lives.• Garfield expresses serious doubts about the prospect of Jon’s reincarnation because, he points out, “You’re not even living this life.” Are you alive? One way to test that is to look […]

Provision #156: Am I Holy?

LifeTrek Provision One of my coaching clients sentme the following question this week, via E-mail. “How does one go about growingspiritually when pressed with problems?” Although I gave my client animmediate, brief answer, I promised her a more complete answer in the daysahead. This LifeTrek Provision, as it turns out, is that answer. “Am I […]