Provision #154: Am I Helpful?

LifeTrek Provision Let’s describe two extremes:being totally self-centered and being totally other-centered. Neither is a goodplace to be. We all have it in us to beself-centered. That is, after all, how life begins. Just attend to the care andfeeding of an infant if you have any doubts. Infants know their needs and willmake a ruckus […]

Provision #153: Am I Healthy?

LifeTrek Provision Before you eat, ask yourself,”Am I Hungry?” Before you act, ask yourself, “Am I Happy?” Those were the lasttwo tips in this series of transformational questions. Want to take that onestep further? Ask yourself, “Am I Healthy?” Healthy introduces anotherlevel of consideration. One may think of oneself as happy and yet be living […]

Provision #152: Am I Happy?

LifeTrek Provision Two weeks ago I suggested thesecond question in a 10-part series of transformational questions. These arequestions that have the power to interrupt the mindless pursuit of business asusual by making us more mindful of what Tim Gallwey calls the Inner Game oflife (The Inner Game of Work, Random House • New York, 2000). […]

Provision #151: Am I Hungry?

LifeTrek Provision My son,now age 16, has been skinny all his life. He’s one of those people who can eatanything he wants and never get fat. He’s one of those people that the rest ofus love to hate. But should we? Having lived with this guy for more than 16years, I’ve come to notice a […]

Provision #150: Am I Here?

LifeTrek Provision With this LifeTrek Provision I begina 10-question series. These questions are designed as reflection questions,suitable for meditation or for any time they may come to mind. As a runner, Ifind these questions appropriate for the long run. This morning I did 22 milesalong with a couple of friends in the Hocking Hills. Once […]