Provision #106: Mind your Body

LifeTrek Provision The first step in changing your life is to mind your body. When we were in England many years ago as college students we chuckled every time we got on a bus. “Mind your head,” said the signs, instead of “Watch your head.” Either way the point is the same. Pay attention • […]

Provision #105: Own Your Life

LifeTrek Provision One of the hardest things for people to wrap their brain around is the simple but profound truth that our life is the life we’re living, not the life we’re imagining. A corollary is that the only things we’re trying to do are the things we’re actually doing, not the things we want […]

Provision #104: Move your Body

LifeTrek Provision Bob is in the middle of a four-month consulting contract with Borden Foods. As we develop our coaching practice, this contract provides valuable exposure, contacts, and income. It also provides limited opportunities for a basic human need: movement. The lifestyle is extremely sedentary: sit at a desk and go to meetings for 40 […]

Provision #103: Manage your Money

LifeTrek Provision The management of money is a real problem for most people. While the vast majority of the world’s population subsists in abject poverty, the small minority in relative affluence also struggles to make ends meet.   Personal bankruptcies in the U.S. have been climbing steeply since the 1950s. Credit card spending and the […]

Provision #102: Choose to be Fantastic

LifeTrek Provision We have a friend who never ceases to catch people by surprise with his simple but sincere reply to that standard greeting, “Hi, how are you?” While most people answer with a quick and mindless, “Fine,” our friend always answers with a quick and enthusiastic, “Fantastic!” People may roll their eyes at this […]