Provision #111: Master your Subject

LifeTrek Provision With this LifeTrek Provision, Master your Subject, we bring to a close our series on changing your life. Six tips, six months, six steps and your life can be radically different than it is today. Your life may be just fine; in that case enjoy and savor the moment. Life cannot be always lived […]

Provision #110: Make a Commitment

LifeTrek Provision Yesterday we took the time, along with millions of Christians around the world, to remember the Innocent One who submitted to death, even death upon a cross, so that others might live. Jesus knew that he was in deep weeds with the governing authorities. He also knew that the people wanted a strong […]

Provision #109: Monitor your Behavior

LifeTrek Provision People who want to change their life would do well to buy a journal and monitor their behavior. It’s a strange mystery that social scientists have documented well, but the simple act of logging your activities is profoundly transformational. As Robert Epstein writes, “If you monitor what you do, you’ll probably do better.” […]

Provision #108: Modify your Environment

LifeTrek Provision We’re in the middle of a series of LifeTrek Provisions that focus on change. Most people want to change something about their life. Most people fail to make and/or to sustain those changes over time. Oprah Winfrey’s weight being a prominent case in point. One reason people fail to change is that the change does […]

Provision #107: Muster your Reserves

LifeTrek Provision The point of last week’s LifeTrek Provision, Mind your Body, was simply this: if you’re going to make a change, make sure it’s good for you. Minding your body is one way to discern your inner wisdom in order to move in the right direction. The point of this week’s LifeTrek Provision, Muster […]